Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst we endeavour to cover all FAQ's here, for any reason we've missed one, feel free to email, call or send us a message on our Facebook page.

Q: How long does it take to finish the course?

A: It’s working at your own pace, you are provided with login details & you may login and study as you wish. You also have unlimited access so you may take as long as you like 😍 There is no start date or end date, it only starts when you login & ends when you finish x.

Q: Is there a lot of theory?

A: So in terms of lashing, you need to know the theory to understand how and why we do what we do the way we do it so therefore the theory is not a lot, but it is just enough. There are 52 modules combined including step by step business modules and downloadable information. These modules can be completed in a day or two if you have the time - however the practical side of things will take longer. This length of time depends on your skills and understanding of application.

Q: Are your courses nationally recognised ?

A: You will receive a certificate of completion after sending in your case studies. I am a certified trainer here in Australia & NZ. The Lash Artistry Academy Courses are not nationally accredited however, they are industry recognised & they are nationally recognised. In Australia & NZ, the rules and regulations state you do not require accredited training to become a certified lash technician ❤️ So far in the lash industry unfortunately the accredited courses are lacking 80% of the data the student needs. It’s a shame. Offering an accredited course would be a disservice to our students & the industry as a whole. However, at the end of this course you will be more than qualified to perform lash artistry at a salon or own your own business. ❤️

Q: Do you have direct debit payment plans ?

A: Sure thing gorgeous, so we direct debit your nominated amount - $25, $50 or $100 - weekly or fortnightly - from your nominated account exactly 7 days after your deposit date. Your deposit is only $300 and this pays for your kit & your login details! However the kit can be paid at a later date as well. ❤️

Q: Can I just do the Russian volume course without the classics ?

A: So the way it works is that classics came first, and Russian was an extension on classics - so essentially you’ll need to complete and understand the fundamentals of classics in order to understand Russian volume, we understand Russian is in high demand at the moment so we have put the bundle together so you’re able to do both. 😊

Q: Am I required to pay postage for my kit ?

A: Yes, this is a requirement. You have the choice of $15 for regular & $40 for express.

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